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· Marys River Watershed Council
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· Sierra Storytelling Festival 
· Tuscarora Pottery School 
· North San Juan Fire District
· Best Friends Animal Clinic
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· Food Bank of Nevada County
BRIARPATCH CO-OP WEBSITE    In addition to the website, we did a lot of graphic design for this community co-op when it expanded and opened a new store -- letterhead, invitations, brochures, posters, signage, etc. This enabled BriarPatch to establish a consistent look in its store, print materials, and on-line presence. The website is very active, designed for routine maintenance by a co-op staff member.
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VAST MUSIC.COM WEBSITE    After we designed his brochure and business card, the client asked us to do the website and then to upgrade it by adding over 30 music clips. We maintain the site frequently adding venues and testimonials and changing instrumentations, etc. The site incorporates graphics from the earlier projects, creating an integrated and elegant print and web presentation. See the inside spread of their brochure and business card in the Graphic Design Portfolio section of our site. Go to the site.  Go to the portfolio list


GRASS VALLEY EYE CARE WEBSITE    We first designed the logo, then were asked to redesign the website changing it dramatically to achieve a contemporary look appropriate to the fashion-conscious field of eyewear. We've been updating the site's content as the business has expanded. Go to the site. Go to the portfolio list

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MARYS RIVER WATERSHED COUNCIL WEBSITE   This site is a comprehensive re-design of an earlier site. Based in Corvallis, Oregon, MRWC is a non-profit community forum to maintain and improve the local watershed environment. Its large website, with many informational pages and linked documents, is maintained by a volunteer.
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COOLERZONE WEBSITE  This site, which we designed from scratch, is full of information about its main product line, filtration coolers, a sanitary and environmentally friendly successor to bottled water. The site owner now metamorphosed it into a different look, but the site still uses the same banner graphic and the architecture.
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SIERRA STORYTELLING FESTIVAL WEBSITE  We've handled all aspects of design, both print and web, for this wonderful local festival, now in its 26th year. The site incorporates the twin-pines masthead and other visual elements from the brochure and we update it annually to give prospective patrons thorough information about that year’s program. In 2005, we added on-line ticket purchasing and several other new features. Go to the portfolio list

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TUSCARORA SUMMER POTTERY SCHOOL WEBSITE    This seasonal pottery school in tiny, out-of-the-way Tuscarora, Nevada, was founded in 1966 by Dennis and Julie Parks and now is directed by Ben Parks, their son and a renowned ceramicist in his own right. Before our redesign, its website had a bland look better suited to a corporation than to a cutting-edge art school. The textured background of the banner suggests the finish of a salt-glaze pot. Since our re-design, classes have been filling early, with registrations from around the world, generated mainly from the website.
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NORTH SAN JUAN FIRE DEPARTMENT WEBSITE    This volunteer fire department serves a Northern California foothill community, responding to vehicle accidents, river emergencies, and other medical crises, as well as to fires. In designing this site, we incorporated into its header the antique fire-hose wagon that is the department logo, reminding viewers of the long history and importance of this outstanding community institution. The site is geared for regular posting of news and is actively maintained by a volunteer, whom we trained. Go to the site.  Go to the portfolio list.


Thank you for the beautiful design work as well as the vast functional improvements you made to the Marys River Watershed Council’s web site. Not only is our organization easy to find on the internet now, we have a very professional and tasteful website for people to enjoy! I have received many compliments on the improved look and feel of our website—from our own board members to the Governor of Oregon’s staff! We found your services very professional, your work completed in a very timely manner, you were terrific to work with, and responsive to our requests and questions. We would not hesitate to hire your company again for any future web needs.
—Sandra Coveny 
Marys River Watershed Council

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