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Wu-Way Landscape brochure cover
WU-WAY LANDSCAPE BROCHURE — COVER   The brochure showcases over thirty-five years of the work done by this award-winning landscape firm. The special binding, owner Jim Pyle's own calligraphy, the textured paper for the covers, and great photos contribute to the brochure's distinctive quality.
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Wu-Way Landscape brochure - back page spread
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Wu-Way Landscape brochure - spread 1
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Wu-Way Landscape brochure - spread 2
INSIDE SPREAD 2   Wu-Way Landscape received three awards for 2009 from the California Landscape Contractors Association: First Place in the Design-Build category, a Sweepstakes Award in the Best Project Overall category for Northern California, and First Place in the Residential Estate category for all of California. The right side of the spread shows photos of the winning residential project, located in Auburn, CA.
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Wu-Way Landscape brochure - back page spread

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We are getting great feedbak on our brochure. Yesterday, we received a call from a business acquaintance saying, "Your brochure is stunning"! We've received several comments like that. We are very pleased and appreciative.
—Susan Pyle    
   Wu-Way Landscape